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We believe in responsibly sourcing best-in-class seafood products that contribute to a more food-secure world.

You see it everywhere today — ‘sustainable’ this, ‘sustainable’ that. The cultural push for sustainability has come to influence nearly every industry from coast to coast. What does it mean, though, to be truly sustainable?

“Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

– United Nations, Bruntland Commission, 1987, defining what is ‘sustainable development

At O SEA, we work closely with our partners in sourcing seafood products that contribute to a more balanced food supply chain that will provide for not just today’s guests — but tomorrow’s as well. We adhere to the following set of responsible sourcing philosophies that we believe will better integrate wild fishery and aquaculture products into the global agenda for sustainable food production:



We communicate provenance of our products, or where our products come from so that you can feel confident about what you’re putting in your body

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Waste Reduction

We source from wild fisheries that employ responsible fishing practices with minimal bycatch.  Further, we believe in nose-to-tail cooking practices that utilize traditionally less-prized protein parts.

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Buy Domestic

We look to source domestic products from responsible wild fisheries and aquaculture farms, where possible.


Discomfort Zone

We encourage guests to try species and products that may be unfamiliar to them, including highly regenerative aquaculture products like seaweed and shellfish.


Preserve Dignity

We source from fisheries that preserve human dignity and universal human rights for all handlers throughout the product supply chain.


Promote Seafood

We believe seafood is an essential source of protein and micronutrients, and it must play a greater role in solving today’s global food insecurities. Eat more fish!

Our Pledge

At O SEA, we pledge to continuously pursue deeper understanding and awareness
of seafood sustainability in achieving two goals:

Preserve our oceans’ natural resources and the communities that rely on them for survival.

Better position seafood as a vital contributor to the global push for sustainable food production.